Signs That Will Follow

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

In the Gospel of Mark 16:14-18, the Lord gave a divine mandate to His church to preach the Gospel to every creature. I truly believe Jesus has not given us a great suggestion but a great commission. Of course, it is not easy to keep this command of the Lord. However, those who obey and preach the Truth of Salvation concerning Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection will be able to witness five signs that will follow  in the lives of those who believe.

Let us look at verse 16 in the passage to establish our faith before discovering the five signs that follow those who believe. Verse 16 explicitly declares that only those who believe and are baptized will be saved but he who does not believe will be condemned. What is the sign of true faith? What must we ourselves believe before preaching the Gospel to others? The truth we must believe and preach is precisely the baptism of the water and Spirit that the Lord received at the River Jordan.

It means that the Lord has saved us by taking all our sins upon Himself by receiving the baptism, carrying our sins to the cross and dying in our place. We are totally free from judgment and receive true salvation only when we believe in the baptism, death and resurrection of Jesus that constitutes the Righteousness of God.

This is the sign of true faith that saves our soul from eternal death and condemnation.  

The five signs that follow those who believe:

1. In My Name They Will Cast Out Demons

The Lord said those who believe will exercise power and authority to cast out demons in His Name. The truly born again can defeat Satan by faith.  It means they are able to defeat evil spirits and rescue the demon possessed by faith. Most Christians think that casting out demons is just shouting out the Name of Jesus. In actual fact, the spiritual meaning of this sign is that a true believer is now able to preach the Gospel which has the power to set one free from demons.

2. Speak With New Tongues

The Lord said that those who believe will speak with new tongues. They are able to speak the language of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a heavenly and spiritual language spoken from a new tongue. When we preach, people will acknowledge that they are hearing it for the first time. These are not the words of the world but the words of the Gospel of Heaven proclaiming the finished work of Jesus Christ on earth to save mankind from eternal death. 

3. They Will Take Up Serpents 

The Lord said that those who believe will be able to deal with demonic bondages and expose the venomous poison of false doctrines. They will be able to discern the deception of the devil and set people free from their spiritual blindness. They are able to dispute wrong teachings and establish the Righteousness of God without fear and favour.

4. Being Unharmed By Anything Deadly

The Lord said that those who believe in the Gospel of Jesus’ baptism and death can intoxicate themselves and come alive even if they are exposed to the lies of any false teachings. Their souls are protected instead of being harmed by the vicious servants of the devil. The Word spoken in this verse is spiritual and to the born again. Sadly, this Word has been taken literally by some that led them to act foolishly to hurt themselves.

 5. Laying Hand On The Sick And They Will Recover

The Lord said that those who believe are given the power to use it appropriately while witnessing the Gospel. While doing the work of God, situations may arise to use the power of healing to demonstrate the amazing power of God. All the power and authority are given to those who have received the remission of sins for the preaching of the Gospel.  However, our main responsibility is to preach the Word of God. The signs will follow those who believe. 

Dear friends, we believe that Jesus Christ came to this world and cleansed us from all our sins through His baptism and death. This true Gospel is not our own doctrine but rather our faith placed in the Word that Jesus has spoken throughout the Bible.



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