Sin Is No Longer The Issue

Friday, October 31st, 2014

What I have been constantly saying from this pulpit is that there is no longer any reason to focus on sin in our lives. The work of God through Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection has completely dealt with our sins that they can never be brought up against us again.

Now, you may be wondering, if sin is no longer an issue with God, what should my attitude be towards sin as I find it coming into my daily life?

First of all, it should be confessed and God’s forgiveness appropriated. However, if there is some insensitivity to the Spirit’s convicting and we fail to agree with God that what we did was sin, then He will keep putting His finger on the sin and make an issue out of it until we admit it was sin and claim His unconditional  forgiveness. If we fail to readily agree with God that we have sinned, when He convicts us of it, then He may be forced to discipline us – even if that is always done in love, not anger. Heb 12:5-13. The words ‘discipline’ and ‘training’ are interchangeable.  God’s disciplining is always forward looking and that’s why it is comparable to training. 

When God sees a child of His who continually refuses to depend upon the Holy Spirit to deliver him from his temptations, out of deep concern for the child’s well being and happiness, God will begin to train and discipline him so that he will come to depend upon Him in the future. God knows we are happy only when we are living holy lives.

However, even when God has to discipline us, His focus is not so much on our sins but rather on the lessons He is teaching us about walking in dependence upon His indwelling Spirit. I know it worries some people to hear that our sins are no longer an issue with God because they wonder what will motivate people to keep in line if they aren’t worried about God coming down on them for their sins. 

Well, I can’t find any verses that ever sanction a child of God “worrying about his sins” as a proper motivation for serving and loving God.  However, there are abundant verses that teach that God isn’t alienated from us any more now that we are His children and all He requires of us is to walk by faith so we won’t fulfill the lust of our sinful natures. It is easy to walk by faith when you know you are forgiven. You are not afraid to be honest with God if you know He isn’t carrying a club, just waiting for you to sin so He can get even with you.  You can’t wait to love and serve a God Whose only attitude toward you is one of love and complete acceptance. 

Isn’t it great to know you are forgiven? 

Now, let the realization of this cause you to forgive yourself for that thing which you have been holding in your conscience. Let it also lead you to forgive those toward whom you have been harboring bitterness and unforgiveness. That’s the pathway to real freedom.

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