Spiritual Harvest

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest,  cold and heat,  winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” Gen 8:22


It is important for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that the time of spiritual harvest which God has appointed is drawing near.  Therefore, the elects at NCCkl have a huge responsibility  to fulfill in these last days.  If we look around, we will find many signs of spiritual and physical decadence occurring rapidly. 

It is imperative for God’s elect to be properly informed about the Age we are in.  The world will become more chaotic and the ministry that NCCkl does will shine forth even more brightly. 

Spiritual harvesting must not be done out of obligation but must be done with faith which believes in the righteousness of God. 

In Mt 9:35-38, Jesus gives us a picture of the world being ready for a great spiritual harvest.  Jesus is seeking for laborers to gather the harvest into the barns. As elects, how should we respond?  The Lord told the disciples that there are three ways that people will respond to the needs of others. 

Elects ought to have an outward response, an inward response or an upward response.  Today, through this passage we are going to look at each of these responses since we may react in or more of these ways when we face hard times or when we see others in need.


  1. Our Outward Response vs 36

Jesus was affected by what He saw and He was moved with pity and sympathy in this verse. The word ‘compassion’ means to suffer alongside.  God’s eyes are eyes of compassion but what does He see?  Nearly all the population of the world currently are desperately in need of salvation from eternal death.  They are without a shepherd and aimless. They are constantly being harassed and severely attacked physically and spiritually.  Many are under the captivity of Satan’s deception and endure immense suffering.  How do we the elects see the world around us?  Are people mere passing trees?  We must look outwardly like Jesus with compassion, reflecting the concern God has for people.  Elects must view the world outwardly by putting on the  lens of God.


  1. Our Inward Response vs 37

If the word ‘compassion’ describes the vision we should have outwardly, the word ‘laborer’ in this verse describes the commitment we should have inwardly.  The Bible describes us as workers, laborers, servants, stewards, soldiers and ambassadors.  All these words convey our position.  We are at the disposal of our Master.  There are so many elects who will be rewarded someday not because they did something spectacular or had some great gifts but because they were faithful in what they did and how they did it.  God knows there would always be a remnant that would remain faithful to Him.  We must view ourselves as people at the disposal of our Master, Jesus Christ.  The elects must recognize their divine call  and  actively participate in God’s redemptive plan for mankind.  1 Cor 4:1


  1. Our Upward Response vs 38

In vs 36, Jesus speaks of the need of people.  In vs 37, Jesus emphasizes the need for laborers.  In vs 38, Jesus wants the elects to pray.  Prayer reminds us that we have a Master and the harvest belongs to Him.  We are His laborers given the greatest privilege to serve His Kingdom on earth.  As we remember our position as laborers, we should also remember Whom we serve, the Lord of Harvest.  We are called to pray but many of us are strangely indifferent about prayer.  Maybe we are afraid that if we pray for the Lord to send laborers, we will end up being called ourselves.  As elects, we are an important part of what God wants us to do in this fallen world.  Unfortunately, only a few elects are working for Jesus and that is why He says, “the laborers are few.”   Perhaps, the lack of laborers in NCCkl going into Christian service as a career is the result of our failure to obey Jesus’ command here in vs 38 – to pray for laborers to be raised up.  When we pray for the Lord to thrust forth laborers into His harvest, pray that God will give them the heart of a shepherd.  Pray that the Lord will give us a heart of compassion for the lost souls.  This is why we are in NCCkl – a beam of hope in the middle of a hopeless world.  Let us be God’s laborers, viewing people compassionately, submitting and praying to Christ our Master and allowing Him to use us for His purpose.


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