Spiritual Priest Heb 5:1-11

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

God has appointed the born again as His spiritual priest to administer grace and salvation to mankind. Spiritually speaking all the believers in the Gospel of the water and Spirit that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection in God’s church are spiritual priests. To become a spiritual priest for Jesus there are several important characteristics one must possess:

1. Spiritual priest themselves must realize that they are weak and prone to sin. It would be hard to administer grace if we do not understand and sympathize with the circumstances and short comings of our fellow brothers and sisters, not to mention all the sinners that are still lost. After all, every sinner in this world is weak in the flesh. We ought to sympathize with their plight and minister to them with humility and sincerity since we too are weak in the flesh.

2. Spiritual priest themselves must first be forgiven from all their sins by believing in the Gospel of the water and Spirit.  It is extremely important to become righteous by faith ourselves before we can offer sacrifice to blot out people’s sins.  Spiritual priest are empowered and anointed by God to preach the way of salvation since we have the Truth of the Gospel.

3. Spiritual priest must know what is God’s will in order to discern what provokes God’s wrath and what gospel has the power to save one’s sin. Spiritual priest must lead and inspire people according to the will of God. When people fail to live by God’s will despite being taught and continue to sin (unbelief), the spiritual priest   must continue to offer Jesus as the perfect sacrifice for them so that they would eventually receive the remission of sin.

4. Spiritual priest must acknowledge that not just anyone can become a priest. In Heb 5:4, the Scripture makes it clear that only those from the tribe of Levite are called by God to fulfill their priesthood. Even today only those who are born again into the Kingdom of God is given the providence to dispense salvation to the lost.  God carries out this redemptive work through the priest established by Him. Therefore, since spiritual priest are entrusted with such an important task, they should realize it is their highest calling in God’s sight. As such, spiritual priest need to be refined and trained ceaselessly to become obedient to the faith. 

5. Spiritual priest must believe in the Righteousness of God that constitutes the baptism, death and resurrection of Jesus.  Only those who have absolute faith in the righteous act of Jesus to redeem a sinner can qualify to be a spiritual priest. In contrast, those who claim to have seen a vision while praying or seen God in a dream do not possess the right faith. Spiritual priest must place their absolute faith in the authority of God’s written Word alone. God reveals Himself in the Word and one can only meet Jesus through the Word. 

The purpose for which every spiritual priest exist in this world is to bring the remission of sins to everyone else. It is very important for us as born again saints at NCCkl to grasp that we are on this earth not for ourselves but for the sake of the countless people who still have not received the remission of sin. We must therefore fulfill our priestly duties faithfully so that others may also be remitted from all the sins to enter into the Kingdom of God.


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