Steadfast Faithfulness

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  2 Tim 1:7



It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to recognize that fear is the chief enemy of steadfast faithfulness.  It is the great immobilizer.  It has frozen many elects at NCCkl in their tracks and kept them from accomplishing all they were created to do in God’s Kingdom.  Fear has long been the enemy of faith in the Righteousness of God and derails those who desire to be steadfast and faithful. 

In 2 Tim 1:1-7, Paul reveals to us through the life of Timothy on how he had worked hard at developing Timothy to assume the responsibilities of advancing the Gospel Truth.   Timothy, however, by personality is not one we would normally deem fit for the task.  Shy and retiring, timid and fearful, Timothy seem from human perspective to be an unlikely candidate.  However, God does not see things as man sees them.  Man look at the external appearance, God looks at the heart.  God sees us not based upon  what we can do but based upon  what He can do through us. Notice 4 things in our text that would enable us to fulfill the mandate God has given for 2019 ‘Send Me.’


1. Elects Overcome Fear And Remain Faithful By Reassuring One Another vs 3-4

The nature of this passage is intensely personal.  Paul loved Timothy as a son and writes to him as a father will write to a son.  While he is painfully honest, notice that before he calls upon Timothy to rekindle the flame within him and abandon his fear,  he begins with words of reassurance, words that encourage and strengthen.  Elects need word of reassurance.  Elects need someone who will love them enough to encourage them.  In vs 3-4, Paul says five things that speak on reassurance.


a. Gratitude – I am thankful for you v3

It is always encouraging to know that someone can appreciate what God has done through you and is thankful to God for you.

b. Faithfulness – I am praying for you v3

Paul was quick to let Timothy know that he was making intercession on his behalf.  One of the most encouraging thing elects can ever experience is to know someone loves them enough to remember them in prayer.

c. Fellowship – I want to spend time with you v4

Time and distance had in no way diminished the strength of their fellowship.  Even as Paul wanted to strengthen Timothy, he too needed to be reassured and strengthened through fellowship. 

d. Empathy – I know what you are going through v4

The difficulties Timothy had experienced in ministry has led to tears. Anyone who has spent time in ministry understands that sometimes the going gets tough.  Sometimes the stress and strain, the disappointment and difficulties lead us to tears.  It is encouraging to realize that others understand what we are going through and can empathize with us. 

e. Blessing – You are a blessing to me v4

Paul saw Timothy as one of the blessings God has given him.  It is always encouraging to know that we have been a blessing to others.  Paul wanted Timothy to know that as he counted his blessings, Timothy was among them. 


2. Elects Overcome Fear And Remain Faithful By Remembering What Jesus Has Done In Our Lives v5

It is easier to be faithful to God when we remember His faithfulness to us.  As people, we have a tremendous capacity to forget.  We forget what others have done for us.  We forget what God has done for us.  Paul points Timothy back to the things he had done in his life that demonstrates God’s hand on him and His ministry.  Notice two things namely, Paul emphasizes on Timothy’s genuine faith in the Gospel Word and the godly family Timothy came from.  We overcome fear by remembering what Jesus has done in our lives.


3. Elects Overcome Fear And Remain Faithful By Rekindling The Gifts God Has Given Us v6

Doubts and fears have a tendency to cause elects to let the flame of passion, the fire for action to burn low in their lives.  Paul tells Timothy that if he is going to assume the responsibility for which God has ordained him, he must keep the fire of passion alive in his heart.  Allow me to suggest four things that I believe will continuously add fuel to your fire and keep it burning within you.  Be strong in your walk, be spiritual in your worship, study the Word and be focused in your kingdom work.


4. Elects Overcome Fear And Remain Faithful By Relying On God’s Strength v7

Of all the things of which we need reminding, perhaps the most important is to know that we are not alone.  We had been given the Spirit of God and His Spirit is not one of fear but of power, of love and of sound judgment.  The strength of man will always leave us fearful.  If we can do something without supernatural strength, it is probably not of God.  What is not of faith is not of God.  God does not call us to do things that we can accomplish without Him.  In fact, Jesus tells us that without Him we can do nothing.  Timothy was fearful because the flames within him had burned low.  The faith within him was weak. 

Instead of giving in to fear, which is inconsistent with the very nature of the Spirit of God, we are told that we have been possessed by His Spirit, one of power, of love and of sound judgment. 


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