Thursday, June 11th, 2015

God has set our spirits alive through the redemption provided by Christ’s baptism, death and resurrection which consist of God’s Righteousness. The moment we place our trust in Jesus’ baptism and death on our behalf, the Holy Spirit of God impregnates our dead human spirits with the eternal life of God and we are born again spiritually. This miraculous phenomena is also seen being resonated in the natural regeneration of the fallen earth. God’s Righteousness testifies to the truth when new life emerges from its wintry slumber and comes forth with fresh, green vegetation from the soil.  Plant life is thus reborn or given new life. What has been dead for a time now comes back to life. It’s like putting a kernel of corn into the ground and then watch new life spring forth from the dead kernel. The greater miracle of regeneration of the human spirit has been made possible because of Christ’s baptism and substitutionary death on the cross. In the physical realm, the sun, moon and star plays a pivotal role in the process of sustainable life established by God’s Righteousness.

Jesus revealed one of the most important truths He ever taught.  Man must have a spiritual rebirth in order to comprehend God and His Kingdom. John 3:3-5

In Gen 1:14-19, the passage declares that just as this earth sustains its life from the sun, moon and stars, our human souls obtain new life by believing in the Gospel of the water and Spirit that contains God’s Righteousness. There are several characteristics that defines a life sustained by God’s Righteousness. 

1. Jesus reigns     

The born again are led by God.  Jesus reigns over us. Through Jesus Christ, the Light of the world, God has divided our spiritual life into 4 seasons just as dictated by the sun, moon and star on the earth. When we are born on this earth and meet Jesus, it is our spiritual spring and when we grow faithfully in Jesus, it is our summer. When we bear the fruits of everlasting life in Jesus, it is our autumn. The autumn harvest are gathered together in Jesus and made to live forever in the barn of heaven.  We began our new life in Jesus Christ and it will be completed in Him. Just as the earth receives light from the sun, so it is that we the true believers in Christ will find grace and are led by God.

2. Jesus Makes His Own Servant

God’s servants are actually made by God Himself. God intervenes in the lives of His servants and leads them closely. God speaks to His servants in detail and He continues to shape them into His useful instruments. There is a huge difference between what is made of God and what is not made by God. God shape and mould His servants who are truly born again by believing in the baptism and death of Jesus. He shapes us into His servant by those in the Church who have become servants before us. He also makes us cast aside our flawed thoughts and continuously leads us in the way of righteousness. God moulds us into the workers of righteousness with His Truth. Although there is only one sun and moon, there are countless stars. We must remember that God is making all His saints into His stars.


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