The Bread Of Life

Monday, April 20th, 2015

The Word of God is our manna, our bread of life. In the Word of God is found the bread for our souls, the bread of life. It is not that in a particular passage we would find a huge loaf of bread but that the great will of God is found throughout the Scriptures, even in its smallest details. 

To the believers of the Gospel of the water and Spirit who did not make compromises with the world, God has given the bread of life.  God would continue to give each and everyone of us this daily bread that meets both our physical and spiritual needs. God has promised His children who do not pursue the things of the world the exquisite Word of Life that allows them to be born again by the Gospel of the water and Spirit. The born again must fight the world. 

We too have our flesh and so also have the desire to pursue secular gains. However, those who have the Holy Spirit in them must know that they cannot follow the world in their hearts, that they must deny the things of the world and live only by faith. If our hearts unite with those who follow the world, approve their faith and pursue the world as they pursue it, we will end up following the path of unrighteousness that leads to destruction. When we follow the world we will lose our faith.

God tells us that we are the salt of this world. What does He mean by that? When God tells us that we are the salt of the world, it means that we are needed by the world. The role of the salt is to preach the Word of the water and blood of Christ to the sinners so that they would be delivered from their sins, made into children of God and allowed into heaven. Just as salt is needed to bring out taste, the world needs the born again righteous as its salt. The born again righteous in other words, must preach the Word of the water and Spirit and guide the people to their redemption. We must fulfill this role of salt and help the souls to be born again. We must turn the sinners into the righteous.


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