The Man That God Became

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14


It is imperative for the believers in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know the Man that God became.  One of the things that has made the OT Scriptures so enduring and always relevant is its prophetic emphasis.  It can be clearly identified that nearly 300 of the prophecies about the  Messiah actually found a literal fulfilment in the birth, baptism, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As we put together the pieces of prophecy in the OT concerning the Messiah, it becomes clear that in some way this promised Messiah would be both God and Man.

In the one Person of Jesus Christ there were two natures – undiminished deity and true humanity

Jesus Christ Who, as God, always existed in the Godhead with the Father and the Holy Spirit and two thousand years ago left the Throne to come to earth and become a Man.

Let us enumerate seven reasons why God found it necessary to take on visible form and became the Man Jesus Christ.


  1. God Became A Man In Order To Be Savior Of Men

Jesus Christ called the Word, took on flesh and dwelt among men.  On several occasions in the NT, Jesus is referred as ‘the second Adam.”  It is because as a Man He perfectly fulfilled all the dreams and aspirations that God had originally had for the first Adam.  The two conditions of mankind are often contrasted by what Adam brought down on man and what Jesus did to reverse it.  1 Cor 15:21-22; Rom 5:17-19  In order to qualify as a true human being who could undo sin’s damage, Jesus did not use His divine power while He was on earth.  Jesus whole life was lived in total dependence upon the Father Who worked through Him by the Holy Spirit.  This is the exact way that God intended for all men to live.  If Jesus had ever withstood one temptation or performed one miracle using His own divine power, He would not have been qualified to be the Savior of men.


  1. He Had To Be Someone Who Could And Would Die For Men

What is sin’s penalty?  Death.  Can God die? Obviously not.  Therefore the One Who would take the penalty of man had to be a true human  being as well as truly God. Hebrews says that by the grace of God, Jesus came so He might taste death for everyone.  Not only could Jesus die for men but He was willing to do so.  Jesus was born to die!


  1. God Became A Man To Be A Mediator

A mediator is one who effects a reconciliation between estranged parties. 1 Tim 2:5  This mediator had to be the sinless Son of God in order to have the quality of righteousness acceptable to a holy God in the mediation.  The mediator also had to be able to sympathize with the predicament of man and thus he had to also be a true man but a man who never sinned.


  1. God Had To Become A Man To Be A Priest

A priest is a man who represents humanity’s cause before God.  He has to experience all the temptations and trials of men in order to be a sympathetic and knowledgeable intercessor for men.  Heb 7:23-28   Jesus is a High Priest Who has been in our shoes and He knows what it is like to live under pressure and temptation.  Heb 4:15-16


  1. He Had To Become Man To Be The Revealer Of God

Man, in his spiritual death had lost all accurate concept of God.  God had to become visible in order that our soulish life could grasp and  know God through Jesus Christ. John 14:9   In a very real sense, Jesus is a living photograph of the Father.  All that God wanted revealed of Himself, He revealed in the person of His Son, Jesus.  Jesus is also the revealer of God’s plan to redeem mankind.  Heb 1:1-3


  1. He Had To Be A Man To Occupy King David’s Throne

Long ago God promised David he would have a greater son who would reign on his throne over Israel forever.  1 Chronicles 17:11-15  Jesus had to be born as a direct blood descendant of David in order to fulfill that prophecy.  Both Mary and Joseph were direct descendants of King David.  Through Mary,  Jesus received the blood right to the Throne.


  1. God Had To Become A Man In Order To Be A Kinsman Redeemer

This is a concept taught in the OT, especially in the Book of Ruth.  In the Law of Moses,  whenever a Jewish person was put into slavery, the only one who could pay the ransom price was someone ‘near of kin’ Lev 25:25  This was to establish the principle that whoever would be the one to free mankind from its slavery to Satan would have to be a ‘near of kin’  to the ones being freed,  in this case the human race.  In taking on humanity, Jesus became a kinsman redeemer as the Son of Man.


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