The Solution

Friday, March 20th, 2015

What is the answer to a righteous and obedient life?  Rom 10:4

Christ is the end of the Law for righteousness to everyone who believes.” Our faith in the Gospel Truth of the water and Spirit which contains Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection fulfills all righteousness. One who believes in this absolute righteousness receives the blessed gift of the Holy Spirit. As such, the answer to a righteous and obedient life is to walk in the gifted Spirit and walk by faith in God’s ability to produce God’s righteousness and obedience to His Laws within us.

In the Christian life, there is only one source of power and that is the indwelling Holy Spirit. There is only one means of releasing this source and that is faith. There are hundreds of results in the life of a Christian who releases the Spirit in him by faith: witnessing, holiness, obedience, good works, power, boldness, praise, faith etc.  Some of us may still be concerned about how we are going to keep all the commands in the Bible. These commands are simply “results” of the Spirit produced life. We are only to concern ourselves with walking in the Spirit and God will concern Himself with making all these biblical admonitions a reality in our life. This turns the commands in the Word into promises of what God can be trusted to do in us.

If we try to produce the holy life we see expected of us in the Bible, then we are focusing on the “results” of the Christian life rather than on its source, Jesus. We are doomed to end up in utter frustration.

We don’t get up in the morning and say, “now I must be obedient today. I must check over all my lists of things that Christians do and don’t do. I must do my best to live for God today.” 

Do you know what happens when you do that? It is like throwing a truckload of fresh meat into a cage of half- starved lions. All your resolve, determination and good intentions will be torn to shreds before the day is half over. All your sin nature has been waiting for, to turn into a raging beast, is a “truckload” of law.

If you seek to be made righteous as a believer by obedience to the law, any kind of law, you have cut off the power of Christ in your life. That is what Paul says in Gal 5:1-5. 

Obedience is a result of a Spirit-filled relationship with Christ, not the means of producing it.


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