The Triune God

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Must Christian know God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as one God and confess their faith in all of them? Yes. The reason is as follows.

God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit all led the ministry of creation and gave life to mankind. However, God the Father is the Father of the Holy Son.  The Son fulfilled the ministries of the remission of sins – that is, He was baptised by John and crucified to save mankind from sin. The Holy Spirit took the task of bearing witness to those who believe in the baptism of Jesus, the blood on the cross that has  fulfilled the works of the atonement for mankind.

For us to become the perfect people of God, we need faith that believes in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in this way. It is because God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit created the universe and us that we have come to exist in this world. It is God the Son Who saved sinners from their sins. The baptism and the blood shed on the cross fulfilled the righteousness that was required. Since Jesus was baptised by John and therefore took upon the sins of the world, He bore the punishment of these sins that we were supposed to bear and died on the cross vicariously in our stead. By doing so, those who believe could finally be freed from all their sins.  This truth has been prepared long before and it is the core ministry of the Gospel of the water and Spirit. It is only when we apply this truth to us, the work of  atonement by Jesus Christ finally become a work for our own sake and we can be saved from all our sins by believing in it.


God The Holy Spirit

The Apostles Creed make a very terse confession of faith in the Holy Spirit, stating, “I believe in the Holy Spirit.” This is very important for the saints to know correctly who the Holy Spirit is and what His works are. When we confess that we believe in the Holy Spirit, before we think of some mystical power possessed by Him, we must pay particular attention to the fact that we receive the Holy Spirit only when we believe in God the Father and the works of His Son. Many Christians have the tendency to think that they can receive the Holy Spirit whenever and as frequently as they need Him. This is profoundly mistaken thinking. We must realise that the Holy Spirit is not an angel but He is God to Whom we must give our worship and praise. 


What The Holy Spirit Does?

What, then, God the Holy Spirit do? First, the Holy Spirit participates in the ministries led by God the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit participated in the works of creation and providence unfolded by God the Father. Not only this, He also participated in the works of salvation accomplished by God the Son by bearing witness to us. This refers to the ministry that the atonement fulfilled by Jesus could be applied and completed to each and every saint. 


How Can We Receive The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit?

To understand what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is, we need to first understand why Jesus was baptised by John and died on the cross. As Rom 3:23 states, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Every human being is born as a sinner and cannot but commit iniquities before God.  According to Rom 6:23, it tells us that the wages of sin is death. However, God the Father, Who loves mankind has prepared a way by which we can be cleansed from our sins, judged for and saved from them, all through Jesus.  God the Father sent His only begotten Son, Jesus and poured the punishment which we had to receive ourselves, on Jesus instead through His baptism and crucification. In our place, Jesus took upon our sins and was punished to death by God the Father.  However, Jesus, Who is unblemished, pure and righteous, then overcame death and triumphed over it. He rose, in other words, from the dead again. 

Furthermore, the righteous act of Jesus is passed onto us as our own righteousness. We are clothed in it to be considered as the perfectly righteous, adopted as children and bestowed with eternal life. 

When we say the Holy Spirit has come into our hearts, dwells in us and unites with us, it means that we have believed in the baptism of Jesus. The Holy Spirit’s ministry of regeneration that makes our souls born again. We know that receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit comes together with the remission of sin that we received into our hearts when we believed in the baptism of Jesus and the blood of the cross. We realise that we have become God’s children when we receive the Holy Spirit as a gift.  Rom 8:15


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