The Two “Fatherhoods” Of Mankind

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

What were the ground Jesus had for telling His fellow Jews that they were children of Satan? John 8:43-44 There were two prime factors. First, the Jews prided themselves on being children of Abraham by physical descent and therefore children of God as a result. Jesus didn’t dispute their claim to physical relationship with Abraham but He emphatically denied that it made them children of God. He told them that unless they have the same faith in Him, as Messiah, which Abraham had had, then Abraham’s God wasn’t their father, Satan was. 

The second point Jesus sought to hammer home was that there are only two fatherhoods of mankind, fatherhood of God and fatherhood of Satan. So, if they weren’t God’s children, then they must have been Satan’s. That statement made the Jews furious and it still affects people that way today. However, there is a reason why there is such a violent reaction to this truth. It is because one of Satan’s chief tactics down to the history of mankind has been to blur and confuse people on this very issue. He makes much easier for him to maintain control over his ‘children’ if they don’t really comprehend who their father really is. How successful Satan has been in this area is evidenced by the number of churches of all religions, including Christianity, which have as a basic tenet of their religion that God is the Father of all mankind and therefore we are all brothers.

As admirable as it is to want to practice brotherhood and without my impugning the need for it, the truth of the matter is that God is a creator of all man but only the Father of those who have His spiritual life in them. When man was created, he did have God’s spiritual life resident within him but when he sinned and turned his back on God, he lost that spiritual life. Now every man is born without it and if he wants God to be his father for now and through eternity, he must have God’s life put back into him before he dies physically on this earth. 

This was God’s will. As He said, “go and tell this people: keep on hearing but do not understand, keep on seeing but do not perceive.”  Isa 6:9 All the Word of God is the Word of revelation that, without hearing it with a heart that reveres God, the humble heart that truly recognises one’s own sinfulness and a heart that believes in and is thankful for how God has saved such a hell bound being, can never be understood nor ever realised – that is, it is the Word of revelation that can be seen only when God Himself unveils and shows it to us. 

Like this, it is only when illuminated by the Gospel of the water and Spirit that all the Words of the Scriptures can be perceived correctly and it is only then that this Word can give life to us and work in our lives. As for myself, it is only after I was born again through the baptism, death and resurrection of Jesus that I, could truly have a meaningful relationship with my heavenly Father.


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