Through One Man

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those who had not sinned according to the likeness of the transgression of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come. Rom 5:14

It is utterly important for sinners to first have the knowledge of sin according to the Word of God. The Gospel of God’s Righteousness is the most precious gift for the salvation of all sinners. A saint whose sins are blotted out and who does not repeatedly hear the gospel, then he too could die spiritually. I strongly believe that the lack of knowledge of sin to be the primary reason why some continue to remain as sinners and are not forgiven even after hearing the Gospel. If one understands the origin and consequence of sin then one can be delivered from eternal death and receive God’s blessing.

How Did Sin Enter The World?  Rom 5:12

The Word of God is the Truth of salvation. Through one man sin entered the world and death through sin. Death here implicates the meaning of being spiritually separated from God, hell, judgment and along with the death of the flesh. As Adam’s descendant we are born not only in the same physical appearance but also in the same sinful nature that he came to possess. Therefore born as a sinner it is natural for us to commit sin throughout our life and bear the fruits of death. One may think, isn’t it unjust for God to judge us when we have no choice but to have sin? As a matter of fact, the truth is we are not judged because of sin but rather our unbelief in the Righteousness of God that has delivered us from sin.

The Law of Leprosy Lev 13:2, 9-11, 12

God taught Moses and Aaron how to examine the leprosy in Leviticus 13.  Here, what we have to pay attention to is that the priest pronounces someone as clean when the leprosy spread and had covered all of his skin. Do you think this make sense? It implies that people are born sinners with sinful attributes and sin all their lives but some people only reveal a few of their sins. A person who thinks himself to be virtuous, endures well and sins just a little, does not know that he/she is a sinner. God told the priest to pronounce the person whose leprosy is just a little to be unclean and to isolate him or her. Sinners are separated from God because God is holy. A person who thinks that he/she has sin as small as a whit cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Only those whose sin spread over the entire body and realize that they are inevitable sinners can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  God made the law of leprosy like that.  A person who knows that he/she is full of sin cannot but believe in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness and receive the remission of sin. However, a partial sinner who thinks that he/she is not full of sins only cast ridicule on the gospel.  

The Free Gift Is Not Like The Offense   Rom 5:14-16

The free gift refers to God’s salvation. It means that all people who have inherited sin through one man Adam were destined to hell.  However, our sins could be forgiven indiscriminately by faith in one Man Jesus, Who blotted out all our sins through His baptism and death. Therefore, the free gift of Man is greater than one man’s offense. It means that Jesus’ love and the gift of remission of sins is greater than the offense of all human beings. 

The theory, which says our sins are blotted out when we believe in God and not blotted out when we don’t believe in God, is untrue. God blotted out even the sins of unbelievers because he loves all the people of the world, yet people do not want to receive God’s love. Nobody is excluded for God’s love and salvation. The salvation of God comes to those who believe in the Truth that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection. God does not judge the world anymore because He judged Jesus in the place of all people.  We are made righteous by believing with our hearts in the Righteousness of God that saves us. 


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