Torch Bearer

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Tim 4:7

Every 4 years, numerous cities of the world bid to hold the Olympic Games. Immense planning and organising goes into hosting the games.  One of the immediate task that the successful city undertakes is setting up a committee to plan the games. Among the function of the committee is choosing individuals to carry the Olympic Torch, i.e, “torch bearers”. Individuals chosen to carry the torch are people of accomplishments. They are individuals that the host country is proud to show off. Torch bearers are people that others would want to emulate, they are role models.

As Christians at NCCkl, we are called to be torch bearers for the Kingdom of God on earth. A torch bearer in Christ is a person who leads or inspires.  Jesus is Light of the world and as His children, we are to shine so that those who do not know Him might come to know Him. It is incumbent upon us as Christians to pass the torch from generation to generation.  It is the duty of the parents, youths, pastors and all who call themselves Christians to ensure that the torch is passed on.

It is no surprise that the writers in the OT and NT make so many athletic references to “running races”, “training”,  “prizes”, “crowns”, all of which were part of the tradition in a competition. 

Our Christian journey of faith in the Gospel of the water and Spirit that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection reminds us a lot of this relay. It is not the torch that bear the mark of our testimony but the Word  of God. The writer of Hebrews in chap 11 talks about the many “inspirational torch bearers” of our faith that came before us.  Each of them with their own story about how God delivered them and how His promises were fulfilled in their lives through faith in this beautiful Gospel. There were several distinct characteristics in their lives that stood out in their pursuit to fulfill their role as torch bearers. 

1. Courageous

They demonstrated great endurance and perseverance in spite of their struggles. They pass their legacy on to the next generation who would stand as a lighthouse and witness to the world around them.  Their names are familiar to us, Able, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Rahab, Gideon, Samson and many more NT torch bearers.

2. Ordinary

They weren’t perfect people and the Bible did nothing to sugarcoat or hide their flaws. They were murderers, thieves, adulterers and prostitutes. They were proud, greedy, lustful and selfish. Yet, they were the ones whom people look up to. They were humans in their failings but one common thread running through their lives was that they looked to God in faith. In fact, that’s what set them apart from the rest. They weren’t focused on their insignificant lives but rather on an all powerful God. Heb 12:1

3. Resolute

They were torch bearers who never gave up. They just kept running.  Always with a resolute attitude to be faithful to what God has called them to do and to be an example. They kept their hearts burning with zeal even during adverse circumstances that seems to overwhelm them. They knew that it was God’s intent to make their hopes, dreams and experiences help others find meaning through their own lives. They were able to ignite many with great passions and desires to do exploits for God. 


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