True Grace

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet[a] no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. “  Ecc 3:11


When God created mankind He set mankind on a quest to find God. The Bible says that every man is born with a mysterious longing in their hearts that nothing can satisfy except God. Since the beginning of time, man have been trying to find this mystery but it is only revealed to those who are born of the water and Spirit. 

When man fails to find the Gospel Truth that provides true grace, they seek their own ways to satisfy the longing of their hearts  which only  leads to  destruction and eternal condemnation.

In Jude 1:11, the Word warns us with 3 consequences when we lack the correct understanding of true grace.


A.  The Way Of Cain   Genesis 4

When mankind misunderstands the true grace of God that comes through the Righteousness of God, they tend to establish their own ways to reach God. This is primarily called self-righteousness where man is establishing his own effort. 


B. The Error Of Balaam  Numbers 22

Today we see people who have the attitude of Balaam.  In their self-righteousness they tend to seek profit, pride and glory which goes against God’s Word.  They become man pleasers in this perverse generation that goes against His will.


C. The Rebellion Of Korah Numbers 16

This rebellion was not against mankind but against God’s will and His appointed servants. When there is no truth in the hearts of man, they tend to go against the ministry of the Holy Spirit and establish an impure grace.  God promise to remove the lampstand of the churches that disrespects the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

In the bible, Apostle Paul identifies grace as Jesus Himself. Titus 2:11. Grace without the truth which is in Christ is not of God’s will.

Let us establish the meaning of true grace and what it does  for us who are born again correctly in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.


  1. True Grace Secures And Keep Us In Christ Jude 1:1

Today,  grace seems to be an outward element that people seek to keep with the notion that they are saved in Christ. However, the Bible clearly states that true grace is only experienced by those who are correctly saved by the Truth of the Gospel Word. True grace secures our salvation and keeps us in Christ until the day we return to the Kingdom of God. 


  1. True Grace Liberates Us From The Slavery Of Sin Rom 6:6 

God’s grace in our lives is for us to walk in true freedom in Christ. There are many who assume that they have freedom or some sort of peace with God that they merely make up for themselves. True grace causes the body of the flesh to be inactive and ineffective to the slavery of sin so that we might live in the Righteousness of God.   This empowers us to serve God with all that we are.


  1. True Grace Gives Us Peace And Love In Christ Jude 1:2

Grace is not found through our own efforts but it is given in abundance when we are in Christ. The Bible says God gives peace, mercy and love for those who are in Christ. This is not an outward experience but it’s about our spiritual well-being.  God gives serenity to those who walk closely with Him.  This experience is priceless and no amount of human endeavor can replace it.


  1. True Grace Strengthens Us 2 Cor 12:9

God is not expecting us to walk in perfectness and there is no necessity to pretend or impress Him. The Bible portrays many imperfect servants whom God used mightily even in their weaknesses and shortcomings.  When we understand that our qualification is in Christ, God’s grace works fully in us.  The grace of God is sufficient for us in all situations.  We must trust, rely and cling to Christ in order to walk even in our weaknesses and vulnerability.  It is in moments like this that the power of Christ manifest and works fully  in us.

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