Two Roots

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

The Bible often speaks of two contrasting natures that are found in Adam and Christ.  The former is destructive and the latter is saving.  Mankind is rooted either to one or both. However, the born again in Christ are rooted in both which could result in having: 

Two Minds – Matt 6:33 (ruminate)

There are two kinds of people. The spiritually and carnally minded.  People’s faith is invariably divided into these two types. As such, we must deny our instinctive thoughts of the flesh and emulate the faith of those who believe in God according to His Word.

This implies that those professing to believe in Jesus could be divided into having spiritual or carnal faith.

  1.  Those who run towards God by their spiritual faith for spiritual gains.
  2. Those who seek to fill their fleshly desires with their completely carnal faith. They supplicate God only for their carnal welfare, pleading Him for their business to prosper and their children to succeed in the world. 

What happens when the prayers of the carnal faith are answered? They say that God is alive and that they are blessed. In other words, they believe in God for earthly prosperity that will perish away. Essentially what they are really saying is ‘God, I believe in You if You do this for me.’ Their faith is conditional and self-centered. What good does it do if only earthly prosperity is secured?  Human beings, after all, live only for 70 to 80 years at utmost. This earth will also disappear in time. Those who live without being washed from their sins by Jesus’ baptism and death cannot be truly blessed by God.

Two Churches – Matt 7:13-14; 21-23 (ruminate)

There is such thing as a visible Church and the invisible Church.  Which is God’s true Church? The true Church of God is one where the gathering of those who have been saved from their sins through faith in the righteous act of Jesus’ baptism and death. The visible Church refers to the Church whose existence in the world is actually seen, while the invisible Church refers to the spiritual gathering of those who have received the remission of their sins through the Word of Truth. Although the visible Church is recognized and approved by the world but it is in fact, mostly a religious group that has nothing to do with the faith that God desires.

However, the invisible Church is a gathering of those who offer God their faith in His righteousness. Hence, it is the gathering where the righteous come together to worship God in spirit and truth (reality). None other than the invisible Church is God’s Church where faith is upright and approved by God. On the other hand, if the gathering is not instituted according to the will of God, then it is not God’s church irrespective of the credence confided by the people of this world.  God’s invisible church denies man made doctrines, human traditions and experiential beliefs, rather, their faith is rested on the Word. They have the indwelling Holy Spirit after being completely washed from their lifetime of sin. 

Those who belong to God’s invisible Church are people who, whenever the Holy Spirit convicts their hearts with the Word:

  1. accept the Word with a yes.
  2. unite their hearts with God’s servant  and His Church
  3. follow His will at all costs.

Friends, it is our spirits that must prosper and flourish more than our flesh. We must seek in what lasts forever and above all, we must attain eternal life.


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