Water Washes

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The main function of water is to wash away uncleanness and also to give life to mankind. At NCCkl, we who believe in Jesus’ baptism and death, do we not commit sin again? Of course we do. However, even these sins are included in the sins of the world. The Lord has washed them out also. Nonetheless, whenever we commit sin, our conscience is hurt and tormented. What, then, should we do with these sins?  Should we believe in Jesus again? No, what we must do is to instead confirm in our hearts once again that these sins were also passed on to Jesus Christ when He was baptized and believe in our hearts that our Lord washed all our sins because He already knew we would commit sin again. In other words, we need to ruminate on the Gospel of salvation once again in our minds. Only then, our conscience is at peace with God when we commit sin out of our weaknesses and remain righteous and sinless by faith. 

The Apostle Paul says that through the law of the Spirit of life – i.e through the Gospel of the water and Spirit, He has saved us who were under the law of sin and death. The Apostle John also states clearly in 1 John 5: 3-8 that Jesus had perfectly freed us from sin by coming by the Gospel of the water and the blood. What does the Holy Spirit testify? He testifies that Jesus Christ is God. He bears witness of the fact that Jesus created this universe and saved us human from sin. What do the water and blood testify? They testify that our Lord, the God of salvation, came as a Man, took upon all the sins of the world and by being baptized at the age of 30, carried these sins to the cross and died on it. 

Therefore, anyone who says that He believes only in Jesus Christ’s blood on the cross has a completely useless faith, regardless of how long he might have believed in Jesus. Those who believe in this way also describes themselves as sinners, since they end up committing sin again tomorrow. Now why do they think like this? It is because they do not realise that Jesus accepted all the sins when He was baptized and this is why they continue to live as sinners all the time even though they believe in Him. Their conscience does not allow them to say that they are sinless. 

As for us, when Jesus Christ was baptized, all our sins were washed on to Him. Throughout our entire lifetime, we cannot help but commit sins but because of Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection, we are saved perfectly from all our sins.


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