Way of Righteousness

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Down through the dark history of the church, the Word of Righteousness has been the most maligned, misunderstood and neglected truth of the Christian faith. A failure to properly understand and accept the Gospel Truth of the water and the Spirit which contains God’s Righteousness has stripped believers of their assurance of their standing with God. This has led some into thinking that they must be on an endless thread mill of works in order to maintain their acceptance with God.


Two Kinds of Righteousness

It is hard to see how this vital truth could be missed by anyone who is seeking to carefully examine and teach the Word, since it is the heart of the message of the Bible. Paul made tremendous emphasis upon this truth because of the impact that it had upon his own life.  He exposes us to two kinds of righteousness which are opposing each other. The first kind of righteousness is that which belongs exclusively to Christ and is imputed or credited to the one who does nothing more than place faith in Christ’s baptism and atoning death.  The second kind of righteousness is that which comes out of an attempt to keep God’s Laws. This is strictly relative and does not reflect the absolute righteousness of God. 

Gospel of the water and Spirit

  1. The righteousness attained on the basis of Christ’s baptism at the River Jordan by John the Baptist who transferred the sins of humanity upon Christ’s body and the subsequent propitiatory work on the cross. As such, by Jesus’ resurrection, God’s offended character has been satisfied and God is now free to impart a new dimension to all who receive His Son as Saviour. This new dimension is the righteousness of Christ and is like a cloak placed around a person, completely covering what he is in his own humanness, giving him a complete new standing in the eyes of God. This imputed righteousness means that every time God looks at us, now that we are His children, He doesn’t see our own righteousness, He sees us through the grid of Jesus’ righteousness and therefore we are acceptable to Him as His Son Jesus is, regardless of our daily performance. 
  2. This righteousness is given to a person free and complete, the moment he places faith in Christ’s baptism, death and resurrection. It can’t be added to, improved upon by God or man or ever revoked. It is given strictly on the basis of faith alone. 

The ramification of the true believer who receives the gift of righteousness justified by faith in the Gospel of the water and Spirit are incredible. 

Three major benefits are bestowed

  • Peace with God   Rom 5:1
  • Standing in grace  Rom 5:2
  • No more condemnation.  Rom 8:1


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