We Must Firmly Believe In The Resurrection Of Jesus

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

The Apostles affirmed their faith in the resurrection of Jesus by confessing, with the Apostles’ Creed, “the third day, He rose again from the dead.” 

Acts 1:3 says, “To whom He also presented Himself alive after His suffering……Kingdom of God.”  The phrase “after his suffering” refers to the complete death of Christ. These are many proofs showing us that Christ died completely but in particular John 19:34 states, “but one of the soldiers pierce His side with a spear and immediately blood and water came out.”

The fact that Jesus was crucified to death has been recognised by everyone of everywhere. In 3 days after His death, Jesus rose again in a perfect body. What is strange is that despite this, some people hesitate to believe in the resurrected Jesus, even as they profess to recognise their death. This can only be seen as the work of the Devil trying to prevent mankind from believing in this truth, as stated in Luke 8:12 “those by the wayside are the ones who hear, then the Devil comes and takes away the Word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.” To deny the truth of the resurrection of Jesus, the Devil therefore through unbelieving secularised scholars promote such as false hypothesis, hallucination hypothesis, manipulation hypothesis, the stolen body hypothesis and others. The verity of the resurrection of Jesus has many definite truths, including Acts 1:3.


1. Jesus Presented Himself Alive.

Acts 1:3 tells us that Jesus presented Himself alive to His disciples by many infallible proofs. No matter what people say, when our Lord Himself declares to be alive, there is then no ground for any dispute. Jesus had liberated power over life and death. John 10:17-18. Our Lord has the power to rise from the dead to live again, for he is God the Almighty and a perfect Man at the same time. Rev 1:18. The wages of sin as Rom 6:23 tells us is death. This is the unchangeable, righteous Law of God.  As such, Jesus took care of the sins of the world and blotted them all out through His baptism and blood. He made all the sins of the world disappear, He rose from the dead again and has become the God of those who believe in Him. This is how the righteous Law of God is established.


2. His Tomb Was Empty

Mt 27:57-66 tells us that a rich man from Arimathea, named Joseph, laid the dead body of Jesus in a tomb hewn out of rock and that He sealed the tomb by rolling a large stone against its door. The passage also tells us that a guard was placed at the tomb to secure the tomb. The tomb became empty as the Lord rose from the dead with His power and came out of His tomb.  Luke 24:3. Jesus is a great historic figure. One of the proofs is the chronological use of Anno Domini (AD), which means in the year of our Lord. Years and months have been set in other words based on the day of His coming. He is the Lord of history, creation and salvation. If we had not been able to rise again from the dead, His tomb would have been remained as a great historical landmark. The tombs of the great figures of history still remain at places of great interest. 


3. He Ate After He Rose From The Dead

Spirits do not eat. The resurrected Lord ate. Lk 24:40-43; Acts 10:40-41. Jesus ate provide us the explicit proof of His resurrection. In 1 Cor 15:3-4, Paul also testifies, “for I delivered to you first of all……..according to the Scriptures.”  The Bible is an inspired Word of God with absolute authority that can be neither added to nor subtracted from. As this Bible had prophesised, Jesus died and rose again.

Around the time of Jesus’ death, His disciples had been trembling in fear. However, after they were convinced of His resurrection, they became bold to spread through Jesus the resurrection from the dead. Acts 4:18-20 ; Acts 5:29. Although Jesus’ disciples had trembled before the dead Jesus, once they saw the living Jesus, they became bold. From then on to the very present, the reason why the saints had spread this Gospel even as they have been persecuted for Christ is because of the certainty of the resurrection of Christ and the assurance of their own resurrection as well.

Jesus’ resurrection is a prelude to our own resurrection.  In 1 Cor 15:20, it is stated, “but now Christ is risen from the dead and had become the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep.”  As such, the teachings of Pauline epistles are also centred around, first of all, the core truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and then on the message that this resurrection also brings us our own resurrection.