What Is The Greatest Obstacle In Our Life Of Faith

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.   Mt 16:24

Friends, do you know what this Word of God means? Through this Word, God tells us the fact that the greatest problem for believing in God and living a life of faith is none other than one’s own fleshly thoughts. As we go about living in and obeying God, what hinders us the most is the fleshly thoughts of ours and nothing else.  God is telling us that when a person is bound by one’s own fleshly thoughts and when a person insists on one’s own fleshly thoughts, we can either follow nor obey the Word of God.

As we lead a life of faith, the greatest obstruction pertaining to our faith is precisely our fleshly thoughts.  This thought just cannot be considered lightly.  It is because people who have many fleshly thoughts will find it impossible to follow Jesus. The very first thing that we must do when we try to follow Jesus is to deny our thoughts. We need to throw away our own fleshly thoughts and embrace the Gospel of the water and Spirit that contains the absolute Righteousness of God.

The truth spoken by God is simple, yet it is the perfect truth. Thus, all one had to do is to just accept it as it is, but there are times when fleshly thoughts creep up and obstruct it. Fleshly thoughts come by themselves and thus there is even a saying that a human being is but a thinking reed.  We also have many fleshly thoughts, don’t we? Yet, when we dwell in those fleshly thoughts, the faith of believing in the Word of God will soon disappear completely and there will only remain useless thoughts.  When that happens, the faith of believing in the Word of God will no longer exists. Having become unable to believe in God, we will no longer be able to follow God in the end.  Also, we will feel anguish and guilt before this results. 

Friends, let me caution you that people who have many thoughts of their own can neither follow nor believe in God. In the end, they are unable to receive salvation from sins.


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