What’s Happening?

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

  There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.”   Prov 14:12

Are we living in a peaceful, placid era where people enjoy an environment free of tension and suffering?  Ridiculous question to ask, isn’t it?  When we take a hard, realistic look at the generation we live in, it is a real shocker. We are inundated with so many complex issues that goes without any concrete  solutions.  The  vicious act executed by Satan at Eden that caused the downfall of Man is reverberating again. People are given supernatural powers by Satan to promote his deceptive work to disrupt the work of salvation.

The Poison Planter  Gen 3:1-7

Satan is the master at planting seeds of doubt and confusion.  He is preventing people from being saved through the baptism, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Satan  misleads people to go against the will of God.  People are deceived just as how Eve was outwitted  by Satan’s hallucination, illusion and delusion tactics. 

After the fall, God immediately launched His plan of salvation.   

Jesus Christ destroyed the work of Satan by washing away the sins of the world through His baptism, death and resurrection. 

However, Satan continues to use hallucination, illusion and delusion to prevent both  Christians and unbelievers from correctly knowing the Truth of Salvation. Now is the time for the true believers  in Christ to discern  ‘what’s happening’?

Discern What?

  1. We are to discern that not all professing Christians are born again and have the Holy Spirit because of their misguided faith.
  1. We are to discern that there will be so called ‘Christian leaders’ who would reject the supremacy of God’s Truth and doctrines that are crucial to believe in order to be saved from spiritual death like Jesus’ baptism and death.
  1. We are to discern for ministers who are not spiritually born again nor having the illumination of God’s Spirit preaching the Word in the flesh. They resort to substantiate the Gospel with social action gimmicks, super organization and elaborate programs as a substitute for the truth of the Bible.
  1. We are to discern that young people will accelerate their exodus from church life if they are not grounded in the Word. Young people want simple, personal and relevant answers to life from the Scriptures rather than opinions based upon philosophy,  humanism and legalistic views. 
  1. We are to discern that there will be an ever widening gap between the true believers in Christ and those who masquerade as ‘ministers of righteousness’ for their selfish gain.
  1. We are to discern that the turmoil in the Middle East will intensify. It will become so severe that only Christ or the Antichrist can solve it.  Of course, the world will choose the Antichrist. 
  1. We are to discern that the papacy claiming to represent Christianity will become involved in world politics by advocating world peace and economic prosperity in the Name of God.
  1. We are to discern that there will be some limited use of modern nuclear weapons in the near future. This mayhem will usher the emergence of Antichrist.
  1. We are to discern the sudden surge of social related problems such as terrorist attacks, ethnic cleansing, sectarian war, religious strife, crime, riots, lack of employment, poverty, mental illness, children born out of wedlock, population explosion, famine etc.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I believe that in spite of all these things, God is preparing a remnant of true believers at NCCkl and beyond.  We are to represent God by providing one last great offer of the free gift of forgiveness and salvation in Christ that is attained through Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to those who earnestly seek Him.


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