Why Don’t I Live Like What I Am?

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

……….as He is, so are we in this world.”  1 John 4:17b

We don’t have to be a believer in the Gospel of God’s righteousness that contains Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection for long before to discover that beinga Christian and living like one are often different things.  Like the Apostle Paul in Rom 7, we find that we want to do the right thing but too often we end up doing the very thing we hate. 

When the realization of this conflict in our dual nature hits us, we simply don’t feel like fighting it.  We would rather give up and settle into spiritual mediocrity.  Others who contend for their precious faith usually set out to find the solution to living above the pull of the world, the flesh and the devil. 

The deeper, higher, victorious, abiding, exchange and Spirit-filled life is not an illusive or wishful aspiration. 

It is a matter of living with the moment by moment awareness out of our absolute oneness with Jesus.  

In the eyes of God, all that Jesus is, I am.  His victory over sin is mine.  He is holy and blameless and so am I.  Satan no longer has authority over Jesus and over me either.  Christ was baptized, crucified, buried, raised from the dead and is now seated at God’s right hand.  In the mind of God, each true believer went through the same experienceswith Christ and is now seated in the heavenliesin Christ.


Then Why Don’t I Live Like What I Am?

As believers, now we would probably be saying to ourselves, ‘Well, God may say I am holy, blameless and victorious of our sin and Satan because of my union with Christ.  However it doesn’t come out that way in my daily experience  and something is wrong.’

  1. Position

A lack of understanding the difference between our new eternal position and our daily experience  could lead to a miserable life.  In other words, one is what we are in God’s estimation and the other is what we are in practice. A clear distinction must be made between these two relationships.  Our new position or  union  with  Christ is  a legal status and it becomes absolutely true of us the instant we place our faith in Jesus’ baptism and death and never changes.  However, our day to day living is the experiential side of redemption and it varies from moment to moment, depending on whether we walk with the Spirit or let our flesh dominate us.

  1. Possession

Believers are spiritual billionaires but yet we do not relish it.  We rather have some physical blessings down here in earthly places that is more realistic and practical.  This attitude indicates that our desire is not on our treasures laid up in heaven where we actually are in God’ mind.  What we have down here is only temporary and will benefit us only for our threesome and ten and then someone else gets it.  A failure to experience spiritual blessings on earth like justification, sanctification, forgiveness, freedom, reconciliation, no more condemnation, peace with God, a standing in grace and redemption could deprive one the joy of salvation in Christ.

  1. Pursuit

Our pursuit and destiny in Christ depends on our knowledge of differentiating  what is eternal and temporal.  Our eternal position is credited to us in toto at the moment of salvation.  It can’t be improved on and it can’t be diminished in any way.  It is eternal.  Temporal simply means time and space that we experience with Christ in our earthly body.  The moment we are born again, not only we are placed into Christ but He is placed into us, into our revived human spirit and we come alive spiritually.  He is dwelling in us to equip us to live until He comes to get us or we go home by death.  He puts the Holy Spirit in us to empower us to live the kind of life He wants for us.  What we seek will determine our happiness in Christ.

The act  of placing us into Christ is called the ‘baptism of the Spirit’ in 1 Cor 12:13.  Paul likens it as oneness in the Spirit.  In God’s eyes  it is a fact even though it takes a lot of tears and prayers to bring about an actual oneness and experience.


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