Why Intercede?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

My interest in prayer did not develop until I met the Gospel of the water and Spirit. This led me to discover that intercessory prayer is the key to unlock all blessings from heaven. Intercessory prayer is the secret weapon of the church. It can be likened to an intercontinental ballistic missile which God had placed in our hand.  It can be fired to any spot on the face of the earth. It travels at the speed of thought. It always hits its target. A great thing about this missile is that it can be armed with a delayed detonator. I can pray now and it will come to pass. That’s exactly what Jesus did in John 17:20 “I pray not only for these but for all those who shall believe on Me through their witness.” Two thousand years ago Jesus was praying for us who have become believers in the beautiful Gospel today. Every time a person is born of the water and Spirit, the prayer of Jesus is answered again. Jesus’ prayer had a delayed detonation. We need to leave our children an inheritance of answered prayer. We might not leave them much but long after we are gone, God will be answering our prayers for them. Wrap them up in blanket of intercessory prayer and God will remember.

1. Intercessory Prayer – tremendous weapon of the church.

There is absolutely no defense against it. The devil has never invented an anti ballistic missile to deter intercessory prayer. A lost man is defenseless against intercessory praying. He can  defend against  preaching, refusal to listen or attend meetings but not against intercessory prayer. 


2. Intercessory Prayer – A ministry that underlies the very heart of the Gospel of the water and Spirit

In Isaiah 53:12, we are told Jesus came to make intercession for the transgressors. The present ministry in which Jesus still engaged is a ministry of intercession. Heb 10:27; 1 John 2:1-2.


3. Intercessory Prayer – Practicing the priesthood of the true believers.

Jesus said we are a kingdom of priests. We have the right to go into the very presence of God. We have power and authority to take others into God’s presence. As priests we are a bridge between the lost man or needy Christians and the resources of an almighty God. 


4. Intercessory Prayer – The rod of God in the Name of Jesus 

We have this rod placed in our hands. We are empowered to use it to transform lives of the lost through intercessory prayer. 

In the parable which Jesus spoke in Luke chap 11, there is a perfect picture of the ministry of intercession. Intercessory prayers must be rendered with boldness, be specific and done in earnestness. 

The saddest thing about the Church of Jesus Christ in this era is that we just are not interceding.


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